Development Action Group (DAG) is a leading non-profit organisation working throughout South Africa to fight poverty and promote integrated urban environments. Over the period of its existence DAG has developed a wealth of experience in working with poor and marginalised communities.

DAG supports communities in need of adequate housing to lead and engage with their own development and influences State policy and practice through partnerships, research, training and lobbying activities. DAG has an established and successful track record in land negotiation and acquisition processes, in-situ informal settlement upgrading and the implementation of community-led housing developments.

DAG Vision

To create sustainable human settlements through development processes that enable human rights, dignity and equity.


DAG Mission

To imagine (create, implement and support opportunities) for community-centred human settlement development and advocate for and foster a pro poor policy environment which addresses economic, social and spatial imbalances.


DAG Strategic goal

To demonstrate how working in partnership with citizens and other groups who share a pro poor agenda can lead to creative and sustainable solutions that redress social, economic and spatial inequalities.


DAG 2020 Focus

To contribute towards the development of re-imagined human settlements by working with a range of strategic partners committed to making the change happen.