Re-imagining Human Settlements Together

The Re-imagining Cape Town sub-programme brings together some of the key concepts, outputs and emerging lessons arising out of DAG’s former democratic urban governance programme. The initiative, a central pillar in DAG’s Vision 2020 framework, is composed of a number of projects and activities that are strategically aimed at mobilising interest and demonstrating ways to incrementally achieve citizen-inspired “re-imagined” human settlements, as well as more accountable governance (“new urban order”) across the city.

Re-imagining Cape Town currently consists of three activity and result areas. These are underpinned and driven by a range of strategic partnerships with a spatial focus that spans across the city and specifically targets ways to conceptually, physically and socially integrate the South East sector of the city into a wider city of Cape Town agenda. DAG views the latter at the heart and soul of a Re-imagined Cape Town built on principles of equity, inclusivity and, social and cultural diversity. All the projects and activities involve citizen mobilisation, action-research, capacity building for community-based participatory planning and, the design of creative spatial urban design and affordable housing.

World Design Capital (Cape Town) 2014

Since the beginning of 2013 DAG has been facilitating a diverse citizen-led collaboration between a number of organisations, networks and individuals with an interest in re-imagining Cape Town. World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 (WDC 2014) is viewed as an entry point and opportunity to create public awareness and engagement in a citizen-driven vision and visualisation of a transformed and more inclusive Cape Town. The founding partners of the collaboration meet on a regular basis to agree on strategy and a programme of action aligned and integrated into WDC 2014. Watch the DAG website for more updates on this unfolding initiative which is viewed as a key building block for a longer term Legacy Project.

Re-imagining Khayelitsha, Nyanga-Philippi and, Mitchells Plain

As part of the Re-imagining Cape Town initiative, DAG, in partnership with local citizens and stakeholders (local citizens, civil society, the private sector and government) will contribute towards the development of creative community-driven area and precinct-based project plans and projects that are linked to the interests and aspirations of local citizens, while strengthening public (citizen) participation and governance. Projects and activities will either align with or influence current and planned urban development policies and practice, with a specific focus on leveraging a mix of more affordable housing delivery in the targeted settlements and city.

Re-imagining strategic land and buildings (e.g. Century City, Mowbray Golf Course, Conradie Hospital)

The government (City, Province and National) all have a portfolio of public land and buildings scattered across the city, with a significant number strategically located in the inner city. DAG is partnering with a range of CBOs, NGOs, social networks and other stakeholders to re-conceptualise, design, and submit land development and affordable housing proposals to government that are aimed at influencing the current ad hoc urban development approach and practice in Cape Town that favours profits over the needs and aspirations of people. A key challenge within this initiative is the development of a compelling argument, backed by sound fiscal and social arguments, for the provision of more affordable housing at scale, especially rental (public and private), and a legal framework that sustains access and affordability in the longer term.