February 12, 2019

Re-Imagining Mitchell’s Plain,Part 2

Author: DAG Admin, DAG

On Saturday 9th February 2019, The Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (MURA) and the Development Action Group (DAG) hosted the “Re-Imagining Mitchell’s Plain Summit- Part 2,” a summit organised to give feedback and follow-up on the 2018 Summit.

This year’s engaging and mind-altering summit was attended by members from more than 40 local organisations and civics, who came together to refine and adopt the resolutions from the 2018 summit as well as develop action plans of a re-imagined Mitchell's Plain. During the workshop participants were split into three dissimilar groups according to the different key thematic portfolios of #landandhousing #safetyandsecurity and #localeconomicdevelopment. Each group was tasked to discuss one of the three thematic resolutions allocated to them and give feedback on their group’s agreed action plan and deliverables for a specific resolution assigned to their group. Some of the highlighted action plans that came out of the summit are as follows: · The Local Economic Development group agreed that they were going to establish a theatre entertainment hub for young people as well as a trade and investment office for ethical businesses. · The Safety and Security group made a commitment to engage with the community by holding a safety summit and establish a local control centre operation where neighbourhood watch committees can monitor the security cameras. · Land and Housing group committed to conducting extensive research to identify available land parcels and holding a housing audit As a follow up around the agreed action plans, MURA & DAG will be holding a detailed planning meeting on the 23rd of February 2019. ALL interested and affected Mitchell’s Plain residents and organisations are encouraged to attend and pledge to dedicate themselves towards “re-imagining Mitchells Plain”.