Throughout its history DAG has contributed to the sector by developing various resources. The DAG resources are electronically located into the categories listed below. You can click on any one in order to see the list of resources in that category.

Annual Reports and Organisational Profile

Click to download these documents from our site.

2018 Annual Report

Contractor and Developer Academy Booklet

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Case Studies

The case studies listed below can be downloaded from our website. The number of pages of the document is indicated at the end of the name of the case study.

Unblocking The Khayelitsha: People’s Housing Process Projects

Affordable Rental Housing: A look at a vital yet often ignored sector

Re-imagining Woodstock and Salt River- A community centred approach to neighbourhood regeneration

Lessons in Leadership: Case studies from Development Action Groups 2008 Community Leadership Programme

Unprecedented Innovation: A case Study of the Marconi Beam Affordable Housing Project

Most Significant Change: Freedom Park, Netreg and HangBerg,

A Place To Be Free: A case Study of the Freedom Park Informal Settlement Upgrade

Netreg Housing Project; Remaking City and Vernacular Economy According to Communal Needs and Desires

by Erin Torkelson from Development Action Group, 2010, 58pp. Whatever you name your PDF file will appear here as text

Unblocking the Khayelitsha PHP: A case Study of the pre-construction phase of 10 Blocked Projects in Khayelitsha

Case Study on DAG’s 2012/13 Leadership Training Programme

DAG acknowledged case studies

Re-imagining Woodstock and Salt River- A community centred approach to neighbourhood regeneration

HDA Implementation of Emergency Housing

HDA Implementation of Emergency Housing – Guidelines

Learning Tools

Aanbou [Hoe om jou huis op te knap: Verander en aanbou]
Alterations and Additions

Alterations and Additions
Ukuphucula indlu yakho, ukwenza utshintsho nokuyongeza
Alterations and Additions XHOSA
Boukontrak [Hoe om 'n boukontrak te gebruik]
Building Contracts
Building Contracts
Ukusebenzisa isivumelwano sokwakha
Building Contracts XHOSA
Bou Materiaal [Raad by die aankoop van boumateriaal]
Bou Materiaal
Buying Building Materials
Buying Building Materials
Ukuthenga izinto zokwakha
Buying Building Materials XHOSA
Energie Verbruik [Verbeter energieverbruik in jou huis]
Energie Verbruik
Improving Engergy Use in Home
Improving Energy Use in Home
Ukuphucula ukusetyenziswa kwamandla ekhayeni lakho
Improving Energy Use in Home XHOSA
Erf [Hoe om die grootste voordeel uit jou erf te trek]
Making the best use of you plot
Making the best use of you plot
Ukusebenzisa isiza sakho ngeyona ndlela ifanelekileyo
Making the best use of you PLOT XHOSA
Warm [Hoe om jou huis warm te hou]
Making Your House Warm
Making Your House Warm
Ukwenza indlu yakho ifudumale
Making Your House Warm XHOSA
Verf [Hoe om jou huis te verf]
Painting Your House
Painting your house
Ukupeyinta ikhaya lakho
Painting your house
Bome [Hoe om bome te plant en 'n groentetuin aan te lê]
Planting Trees & Vegetable Gardening
Planting Trees & Vegetable Gardening
Ukutyala imithi nezitiya zemifuno
Planting Trees & Vegetable Gardening XHOSA
Pleister [Hoe om jou huis te pleister]
Plastering Your House
Plastering Your House
Ukutyabeka indlu yakho ngesamente
Plastering Your House XHOSA
Klamheid [Hoe om barste en klamheid in jou huis te voorkom]
Preventing Cracks & Damp
Preventing Cracks & Damp
Ukuthintela iintanda nokufuma kwindlu yakho
Preventing Cracks & Damp XHOSA
Belastings [Hoe om plaaslike belastings en diensheffings te verstaan]
Rates & Services
Rates & Services
Ukwazi amaxabiso erhafu neenkonzo zikamasipala
Rekening [Hoe om jou munisipale rekening te lees]
Reading Your Account
Reading Your Account
Ukufunda iakhawunti yakho kamasipala
Reading Your Account XHOSA
Veilige Energie [Veilige en gesonde gebruik van energie]
Veilige Energie
Safety in Your Home
Safety in your Home
Ukhuseleko, nempilo ngamandla ombane, igasi, iparaffini, nelanga
Safety in your Home XHOSA
Besparings [Besparings en huishoudelike finansies]
Savings & Budgets
Savings & Budgets
Ugcino mali nenkcitho mali yekhaya
Savings & Budgets XHOSA
Krediet [Hoe om krediet en lenings verstandig te gebruik]
Working with Credit & Loans
Working with Credit & Loans
Ukusebenzisa imali mboleko ngendlela efanelekileyo
Working with Credit & Loans XHOSA
Owerheid [Jy en jou plaaslike owerheid]
You and your Local Authority
You and your Local Authority
Wena nomasipala wakho
You and your Local Authority XHOSA
Community Based Leadership Programme (2012)

2012_Learning Tool_Community Based Leadership Programme
10 things to remember about informal settlement upgrading (2005)

2005_Learning Tool_10 things to remember about informal settlement upgrading
Kick Starting Hostel Redevelopment (2003)
2003_Learning Tool_Kick Starting Hostel Redevelopment
Kick Starting Hostel Redevelopment: Facilitators Guide (2003)
2003_Learning Tool_Kick Starting Hostel Redevelopment_Facilitators Guide