What We Do


[As an organisation, we believe our most significant change has been strengthening the leadership capacity of community members to interface and dialogue with a diverse range of government and nongovernment actors to meet their basic needs. We have used a very specific, concrete intervention; namely housing and settlement upgrading and neighborhood development; to organise community actors to utilise their agency to become an active, involved citizenry. Through our training and capacity building programmes, we not only support communities to access housing, but also raise critical issues relating to social justice, neighborhood development and policy impediments.]



DAG advocates for inclusive, sustainable and integrated neighbourhoods through collaborative participatory research, policy advocacy and joint lobbying. DAG partners with a wide range of local and international partners.



DAG strengthens civil society to co-design and demonstrate local neighbourhood development planning through socio technical support, active citizen training and contractor training support…



DAG demonstrates innovative public and private housing delivery and informal settlement upgrading in partnership with local citizens, contractors and the state…



DAG actively facilitates local forums and platforms for civilcsociety organisations and leaderscfrom across Cape Town to connect, learn and lobby around inclusive, sustainable and integrated neighbourhoods…


Building Trust

A consistent theme running throughout all of DAG’s work – past and present – remains the importance it places on building and maintaining partnerships with a range of key stakeholders. During its existence…