Happy International Women’s Day!

DAG would like to wish all women, a happy International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019! Today we commemorate IWD in honour of the phenomenal work and struggles of all women.  As we celebrate women, we need to continue advocating for inclusive policies that improve women’s access to basic services and dignified housing. Women constitute about 52% of the world’s population, therefore, as the majority of the world population, they cannot be treated as mere spectators, while society strives for socio-economic and political transformation. We strongly believe that women’s socio-economic transformation is fundamental to the realisation of national development goals. This underlines the need for all sectors to safeguard and ensure that women are put at the centre of their development. As O.R Tambo once said, “We will never be free until our women are truly liberated and emancipated from the bondage of oppression, exploitation and patriarchy.” At DAG we strongly believe that sustainable development cannot take place unless women and youth are included and have an effective role to play in their economic, social and political development processes. The International Women’s Day is internationally observed yearly, on the 8th of March. We need to celebrate women 365 days of the year and highlight the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. #IWD2019.

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