ANNOUNCEMENT: DAG is now a full member and partner of GLTN

We are delighted to announce that finally, after two years of patiently waiting, DAG is now a full member and partner of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN).

The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) is a dynamic and multi-sectoral alliance of international partners committed to increasing access to land and tenure security for all, with a particular focus on the poor, women and youth.
As an organisation that values partnerships, DAG is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Global Land Tool Network to drive further innovation in support of this ever-changing sector.

Our vision, mission and values are well aligned with GLTN’s strategic objectives of 2018-2030 strategy. Access to land and tenure security for all, including the poor, young people and women, calls for collective responses and partnership with various stakeholders and institutions to develop inclusionary approaches and sustainable solutions.

We believe that this partnership will prove mutually beneficial towards our common goals and will go a long way in advancing DAG’s understanding of innovative thinking around land tenure and land-based financing.
We look forward to a successful partnership and hope that our mutual relationship will generate extensive learning for our organisations and the urban sector as a whole!