DAG Urban Land Dialogues Series Podcast

DAG is excited to announce the release of a podcast series that allows for easy access for everyone to hear conversations regarding community development in Cape Town.

In this first episode, we will hear from DAG’s Akhona Siswana, Nikelwa Maqula (Women’s Movement), and Ntomboxolo Fotoyi from Intlungu Yasematyotyombeni Movement (IYM), who are discussing the outcomes of Urban Dialogue Series, entitled, ‘Urban land & housing dialogue series V: A Forward-Thinking Approach to New and Existing Informal Settlements Across Cape Town.’

In this #UrbanLandDialogue V podcast, our Project Coordinator and the two #communityleaders are having an in-depth discussion about priority issues that affect people across #informalsettlements and how informal settlements communities could collectively mobilize and drive their advocacy tactics to improve their current living conditions.

#UrbanLand Dialogue V, forms part of DAG’s Urban Land and Housing Dialogue Series. The Series consists of bi-annual strategic discussion platforms where different role players and persons affected by and working in the sector come together to share knowledge, educate, inform, and deliberate sustainable collective responses to urban #land and #housing questions.

WATCH: DAG Urban Land Dialogue Series Podcast 01


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