DAG’s advocacy work is focused on promoting equal, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods. We believe in dealing with causes, not symptoms thereby creating change from within communities and policymakers.

We work with a range of Community Partners, Academics and Non-Governmental Organisations to lobby for pro-poor urban policy and practice changes. Our lobbying and advocacy strategies on human settlements policies and practice are largely informed by research undertaken in partnership with a wide range of local and international partners. The participatory research practice with local partners at the grassroots level has been instrumental
in influencing the current practice in the sector.


  • In 2012, DAG implemented an innovative methodology to unblock unfinished housing projects in coordination with Provincial and Local government.
  • DAG participated in the policy formulation of the new national PHP policy and guidelines, White Paper, Value Capture, Backyarders Policy
  • DAG was actively involved in the National Housing Forum through the Urban Sector Network USN where new housing policy was developed.
  • Actively participated in a Human Settlement reference group and drafted a position paper on the implementation of the Breaking New Ground (BNG) policy framework.

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