Delivery of a wide range of affordable housing solutions is critical in addressing the housing and land crisis. DAG has a long standing track record in advocacy and delivering affordable housing in South Africa.  In working with community based and civic organisations, DAG has developed best practice for local solutions to national problem. This involves working with local citizens, local government, emerging contractors and developers to provide a range of affordable housing solutions. DAG’s current strategy is twofold- to continue advocating with government for incremental and long term response to informality; and secondly to support, develop and deliver local solutions through DAG’ Contractor and Developer Academy (CDA). The CDA operates as an advice office based out of Khayelitsha providing critical support to citizens, contractors and community networks in delivering affordable housing, basic services and tenure options.

Contractor and Developer Academy

In 2017, DAG incubated the ‘Contractor and Developer Academy’ (CDA) in order to support the delivery of affordable rental housing and tenure security. The CDA provides advisory services, targeted training, and direct support to emerging contractors and entrepreneurial micro-developers in order to provide affordable, better managed housing. In addition to this, the CDA aims to raise awareness around the crucial role played by micro-developers and contractors in the delivery of affordable housing, and thus is involved in numerous lobbying and advocacy activities.

Since 2017, the CDA has:
• Facilitated the building of 16 affordable housing projects, yielding 99 units that have accommodated over 250 people in historically disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
• This has contributed R12,5 million to the local economy.
• Directly trained 39 emerging contractors and developers and reached over 355 contractors and developers through information sessions and other initiatives.
• Helped 19 contractors secure work and assisted 8 contractors to upgrade their CIBD rating from level 1 to level 2.

In addition to supporting emerging contractors and developers, DAG also works closely with backyard residents across Cape Town through our Backyarders project. This project is aimed at strengthening the backyard rental market and contributing towards well-managed, quality rental stock that provides affordable, dignified, and safe housing solutions. DAG provides support to backyard residents through numerous capacity building initiatives centred around their rights and responsibilities, access to basic services, tenure security and other such issues. Read more about DAG’s Contractor and Developer Academy

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Private rental backyarder housing programme

Given the poor delivery of affordable housing in the city, most households are forced to live in zinc structures in informal settlements or backyards. Private rental housing in historically disadvantaged areas continues to thrive, with several new developments mushrooming across Cape Town and more generally in South Africa. Private rental continues to provide essential shelter options for working class households. DAG has recognised such private rental industry as a key strategy for delivering well managed affordable housing stock in Cape Town.  Through DAG’s Contractor and Developer Academy (CDA), DAG provides support to citizens on design, planning, regulations and finance for development.

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