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July 4, 2019 On Saturday 29th July 2019, the Mitchell’s Plain United Residents’ Association (MURA) and the Development Action Group (DAG) hosted a stimulating and engaging workshop entitled, Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Community Development. At the event, the findings of an assessment of the assets and land available in Lentegeur and Rocklands (neighbourhoods in Mitchell’s Plain) as well as the findings of an analysis of the City of Cape Town’s (CoCT’s) budget priorities for Mitchell’s Plain, over
On Monday, the 20th of May, 19 households living in an informal settlement on Pine road relocated to a newly renovated affordable rental Transitional Housing Facility on Pickwick Street Four days after the much-awaited move, I visited the Pickwick street facility. During my visit, I saw Mr Samuel Moses (Not his real name) looking relaxed and dressed down. We discussed many matters relating to the facility, but as I was leaving he said something that
Is the City ready to deal with complex inadvertent issues linked to the sale of historical public rental stock?   The City of Cape Town’s Human Settlements Directorate is offering about 9 000 qualifying tenants who are living in Council-owned rental properties the opportunity to purchase their units and to become property owners. These properties include free-standing and semi-detached houses, terraced or row houses and maisonettes that are located across the city in areas such as
By Adi Kumar and Ryan Fester South Africa is considered a ‘young urban nation.’ Over 15 million people live in the country’s five metropolitan areas and account for roughly 64% of the population. The majority of these residents are considered ‘young,’ ranging in age from 15 – 34. The hyper-urbanized nature of the South African population is not unique to the rest of the world: over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. But
Contact: Aditya Kumar, DAG Phone: 021 448 7886 WHERE IS THE INCLUSIONARY HOUSING POLICY FOR CAPE TOWN? The approval of 28 inclusionary housing units in a Sea Point development by the Boeman Brothers is indeed a historic moment. The decision of the Municipal Planning Tribunal is welcomed by the Development Action Group and clearly outlines a way to address housing rights of poor and working-class citizens. The logic behind the Planning Tribunal’s decision cannot be stated
DAG would like to wish all women, a happy International Women’s Day (IWD) 2019! Today we commemorate IWD in honour of the phenomenal work and struggles of all women.  As we celebrate women, we need to continue advocating for inclusive policies that improve women’s access to basic services and dignified housing. Women constitute about 52% of the world’s population, therefore, as the majority of the world population, they cannot be treated as mere spectators, while


Land Value Capture- GTAC WhatsUp 30 April 2021 

Access to Safe and Secure Housing
Moving on from the topic of co-production, our Community of Practice (CoP) webinar held on 6th May 2021 focused on access to safe and secure housing. We heard two case studies from CoP members, Ndifuna Ukwazi (South Africa) and Cambridge House(United Kingdom), focused on two main questions: how do members influence policy or legal frameworks to improve tenant rights? And how do members empower tenants to claim their existent rights? This blog summarises learnings from these presentations and bro


Land Value Capture- GTAC WhatsUp 30 April 2021 

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