Learning and advocacy for change

DAGs core work and strategies are established through its deep rooted experience with grassroots leaders, organisations and movements. DAG has well established systems in place to capture, record, learn and reshape its strategy based on an ever-changing context. This has deeply informed DAG’s advocacy across all programmes and influenced our values and culture.

The DAG team, supported by the Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis to review its impact and strategies. More recently, through external support, DAG has sharpened its systems of learning and advocacy. This has led to quicker decision making, shorter strategy loops and strengthened media based advocacy.

DAG does not work in isolation and will never have all the answers. It is in its connections and relations in the sector, that the organisation has been able to make massive strides and achieve systemic change. We always appreciate inputs, critique from our partners and allies- please write and support us here

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Internal capacity building

DAG provides several opportunities for learning both for internal staff and to the broader sector. Internships and mentoring for volunteers and interns is a common norm at DAG.  This also includes a critical focus on staff development to shape the leaders of tomorrow and keep us abreast of the most recent trends and developments in the sector.

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