South African municipalities are currently facing significant fiscal pressures, and public sector investment and programmes have rarely managed to address issues relating to spatial justice, inequality, and poverty. In response to this, DAG has actively mainstreamed the concept of Land Value Capture. This refers to a policy approach that seeks to capture the land value increment (on private properties) that is directly associated with community action or public investment projects. The concept involves the use of a wide array of tools/mechanisms designed to address contemporary spatial inequality and fiscal challenges.

Land Value Capture
Since its Inception in 2020, the LVC Programme has provided tailored technical support to 4 metros in the application of land value capture tools. These are the Cape Town, Tshwane, Johannesburg, and eThekwini metros.

In addition to this, DAG has been working on public land management by lobbying for the strategic use of state-owned land to address the needs of the urban poor. This has been complemented with evidence-based research, publications, and policy submissions which call for a more strategic, developmental, and long-term approach to planning, land use and land management. DAG believes that land assets must be used in the best interest of the public, and therefore strongly advocates for the release of well-located state land for social and affordable housing.

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