Akhona Siswana

Having joined DAG as a finance person, I’ve found the switch to project work fulfilling. I learn a lot on a daily basis from every “Daggie”, from our community partners and from other stakeholders

Akhona works as a Project Coordinator for the Active Citizens Training Course and Socio Technical Support Projects. He oversees project progress and identifies strategic opportunities for DAG whilst also implementing the projects on the ground. His niche lies in community organizing and building the capacity of leaders in underprivileged communities to advocate for their community issues. Akhona joined DAG in August 2011 as a Finance Administrator. In 2013, he developed an interest in doing project work and gradually began leading beneficiary meetings, doing stakeholder mapping and later led in leadership capacity building initiatives. Over the years he has been exposed to numerous DAG projects including informal settlement upgrading projects, ePHP projects and participatory research projects. Akhona has  extensive experience in liaising with government officials, community-based organisations, social movements, and other NGO’s, and is passionate about building partnerships and enabling agency.

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