Willard Matiashe

Making a positive contribution to the urban policy making processes and the overall development practice in our society is a cause that I am most passionate about and one of the reasons why I enjoy working at DAG.

Willard is a researcher at DAG. He is an urban land specialist with extensive experience and understanding of spatial planning, informal settlement upgrading, urban land use management, and land-based financing to support local government programs and processes. Willard is also the project leader of a program on Land Value Capture. He draws on his interdisciplinary background and experience to tackle tough challenges that cities and communities face, from resource scarcity and infrastructure pressures to the impact of land use development practice on society. Willard holds a Master’s degree in Spatial Planning from University of Aberdeen (UK) and is also pursuing PhD studies with the School of Economics and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria. He thoroughly enjoys working in highly dynamic and creative environments and is excited to be part of an organisation that is making positive impact on marginalised and dispossessed communities.

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