There is no silver bullet to addressing poverty and inequality. At the heart of our work, is our appreciation of community organising and activism. DAG is not the mouthpiece of the poor and do not speak on their behalf, but support a holistic relational approach to development.
Citizen Rights

We believe the most effective solutions to poverty and inequality is for citizens and community groups to lead their own developments

Listening from the heart

We do not patronize or judge people facing structural poverty. Rather we listen to grounded stories to inform sectoral learning, sharing and advocate.


We believe that no one organisation has the solutions. Our work is built on relationships with the stakeholder that aspire for justice and equality.


We appreciate that change is slow and there are no shortcuts to inclusion.


We are driven by idealism and passion that change in an urban environment is possible.


We are determined to see demonstrable and tangible change in our society.


We believe that trust, honesty and integrity is the bedrock of accountability and transparency.

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