DAG’s Theory of Change

As an organisation, the Development Action Group (DAG) is driven by a desire to facilitate the creation of inclusive and equitable cities for dispossessed communities through active citizenry. We want to see cities that cater for all residents – particularly the disadvantaged and dispossessed – in a fair and equitable way, and we strongly believe that these changes should be driven and determined by those most impacted by them – by citizens themselves. Our Theory of Change outlines how we plan to achieve this goal.

Our Approach

As an organisation, DAG feels strongly that people must be the drivers of their own development. Our community partners are thus at the centre of our approach – with coalitions, networks, and partnerships playing a crucial role in all our work. Our strategies are both guided and grounded by learning exchanges and dialogues between community partners and other stakeholders. DAG facilitates numerous training workshops to help capacitate our partners to bring about change. This is paired with the provision of social and technical support to community partners who request assistance in advocating for their rights, conducting action planning for possible solutions to the affordable housing crisis and other pertinent issues, demonstrating change by facilitating the delivery of affordable housing opportunities, and the creating participatory and evidence-based research.


The teaching of activism has shrunk remarkably in South Africa.


Cape Town land markets have become increasingly inaccessible over the last five years.


Limited development finance is a global constraint in addressing poverty and inequality.


Delivery of a wide range of affordable housing solutions is critical in addressing the housing and land crisis.


DAGs core work and strategies are established through its deep rooted experience with grassroots leaders, organisations and movements.

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