who we are

DAG is a leading Non-Profit Organisation that supports communities to strengthen community organising; enabling affordable housing, land and tenure security; resist evictions, and shape urban development policies.

Over the last three decades, DAG’s key pursuit is to enable citizens and communities to create change in their own socio-economic and living conditions. The core of our work is built on relationships- between citizens and communities, between communities and state, and between communities and private enterprise. Through years of experience, DAG has worked strategically with various community partners to highlight the community struggles, using community focused research and advocacy in order to re-imagine the city.

At a citywide level, DAG has systematically worked with a range of government and civil society stakeholders in urban development and governance to ensure that there are accountability, transparency and good governance on the part of the state and, that community leaders and representatives participate more meaningfully in decision-making processes. Alongside this citywide agenda, DAG has also incrementally developed an innovative approach to the delivery of low-income housing.


  • Through DAG’s support, 7,323 new houses have been built.
  • The building of new houses resulted in improved tenure security for more than 27,000 people.
  • More than 100,000 households in over 80 projects have been provided with direct assistance in securing land, infrastructure, and housing and community services.

DAG has built the capacity of over 2000 civic leaders, with a focus on women and youth in over ten years.

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